Enjoy a romantic acoustic melody!

Happy Acoustic Background – is very lyrical, uplifting, ubpeat and positive track with the warm sound of the acoustic guitar, muted electo guitar notes and glockenspiel.

This track will not leave you indifferent! Feel the love in your heart, catch children’s carefree mood! You get good mood and motivation!

Prefer for many projects: Advertising and different
publications, Corporate Use, Commercial use, Mobile Phone App, Commercial, TV or Radio Positive Advert, Enjoyable and Fun projects, Upbeat video, Uplifting video, Positive and Optimistic video, Video Game Soundtrack, Videohive Preview, Summer Video, Viral Marketing Campaign, Business and Corporate Promotional Presentation, Home Video, Youtube Video Theme Tune, Background Music, Fashion Show, Travel Show, Web, Motivating Video, Romantic and Lyrical video, Happy Show, Cartoon, Children’s Show, Family Slideshow, Celebration Show and more!

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Full track: 2:18 (Happy Acoustic Background)
Short track: 1:01 (Happy Acoustic Background(short)) – skip to 2:16 in the preview