Very, very, very HAPPY Friendly Joy Funny Sunny Summer Cheerful acoustic Upbeat pop song with a folk country flavor!
Simple catchy real human whistle + cheering breezy inspired vocal quirky melody accompanied by trendy strummed ukulele (uke) and acoustic guitar, spiced with shining jolly glockenspiel and nice small bells, groovy rhythm section with soft modern drums, strings inspire, fast teenagers fut, toe tapping hit, hand clapping claps, playful piano, a hopeful tambourine create a very positive mood.

This smile, laugh lucky memorable tune evokes positive and optimistic images of holiday summer vacation on sea or ocean, or success luck with fortune in business, or beach with warm sand, sea shores, waves, or children and kids summer scout camping or holiday camp, leaving the listener feeling good!

Use it anywhere you want to create the upbeat joyful atmosphere – motivate videos, corporate, presentation, advertising, home family footage, slideshow, animation, commercial, radio, tv, as a background music for slideshows, kids videos, party, cartoons, corporative video presentations, private movies, films, indie promo etc.

Versions with various duration, and layers included:

  • Happy Clappy Upbeat Ukulele 1 Full 130’ (duration 2:12) (preview 00:00-02:12)
  • Happy Clappy Upbeat Ukulele 2 LONG Commercial version 60’ (duration 1:19) (preview 02:12-03.31)
  • Happy Clappy Upbeat Ukulele 3 MID Commercial version 30’ (duration 0:36) (preview 03.31-04.07)
  • Happy Clappy Upbeat Ukulele 4 SHORT Commercial version 20’ (duration 0:25) (preview 04.07-04.32)
  • Happy Clappy Upbeat Ukulele 5 WITHOUT WHISTLE AND VOCAL version (duration 2:12) (preview 04:32-06.44)